Hong Kong Ping Pong & Warp9 - Strictly Dynamite

by Warp9



Hong Kong Ping Pong & Warp9 - 'Strictly Dynamite' (105 bpm) ▼

It's probably not rock and roll to admit that the idea for this collaboration grew from a fancy dress murder mystery night, so we absolutely won't mention that in any way at all. Better to say the HKPP crew were all on heroin back in the twenties, before being attacked from the future by John Connor-style Warp9 terminators (..who won easily because Hong Kong Ping Pong are lovers not fighters). Once in the future Warp9 got to work on the track with chainsaws, crocodiles, tesla coils, nipple clamps and cattle prods before snapping out the tablecloth and 'voila-ing' this swinging slab of dynamite!

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released January 18, 2014



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Warp9’s fixation with funk began a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Midtempo/Glitch-Hop/Electro-Funk/Swing/Bass.

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